Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time goes by... fast

It's been about a year since we last updated this blog. It's incredible how much time we need to do things, and how it's difficult to get some. Or maybe it's me aging.
Anyway. After building the "demo" can bus, we were hoping that the process of validation of our scanner should be easier. We were wrong. Not only the scanner doesn't work yet, but we faced some unexpected problems that "the pure theory" has not foreseen. The theory says "if you get a packet, you have found the right speed". Yes... but we get many packets at many different speeds, overflows, wrong packets, bursts incompatible with speed settings.... AAAARGH!!!!
We gave up for some time, but now it's revenge time.
The third PIC (PIC18F4685) is coming, and this will let us have a working bus that we know, with known speed and known packets, and we will build a CANscanner that we can test and tune on it.

The battle has begun!

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